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Implementing a Winning D&I Process: Uncovering and Overcoming the Top Ten Hidden Obstacles

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Organizations with existing D&I programs may experience inconsistent attention, energy and support from top executives and middle managers, including outright resistance to these programs. This workshop will help experienced and/or new D&I leaders overcome these obstacles by connecting their efforts to their organization's business goals.

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Many organizations with existing D&I processes experience inconsistent attention, energy and support from top executives and middle managers and sometimes struggle with outright or passive resistance to their programs and processes. This workshop is designed to help experienced professionals and/or new D&I leaders in overcoming these obstacles by connecting their efforts to their organization’s business goals, customer base and its culture change objectives.

Key Outcomes
Through this workshop, understand:

  • How to identify key points where subtle actions from executives begin to derail their positive intentions towards the D&I process.
  • Why and how to develop the “right” metrics to support effectiveness and sustainability at every point in the D&I process.
  • How to overcome the “middle-management roadblock” to D&I success 
  • Ways to recognize and correct conceptual flaws in the design of key D&I support tools such as surveys, focus groups, diversity councils, ERGs, succession planning, employee selection systems and D&I training.   
  • How to implement inclusive practices that are critical to the success of diverse talent.
  • How best to sequence your D&I implementation plan
  • Why sustainability requires an examination of business and not simply human resource practices


Approach and Features

During this highly interactive two-day workshop, participants will be able to compare their organizations’ D&I practices with methodologies known to yield excellent results. They will examine underlying strategies for success in a series of “make or break” real-world scenarios.  Samples of a well-designed D&I vision, strategy, dedicated metrics, implementation plan, and accountability system. Participants will be encouraged to network and share their successful approaches with one another.


Key topics covered include:

  • The necessary paradigm: leveraging diversity/moving toward inclusion
  • Leading your organization to perceive diversity as a business/mission issue
  • Accountability: best practices for executives, top-level leaders, line managers, all employees and specific functional departments
  • Handling resistance from line leaders
  • A model for implementing inclusion in organizations, departments and teams
  • Selecting and applying diversity metrics
    • Basics in measuring progress and change
    • Understanding and defining long- and short-term success
    • Timing your evaluation for best results
    • When and how to use quantitative and qualitative metrics
  • Going global with D&I: what elements must change

Who Will Benefit

D&I and HR leaders and managers with responsibility for launching, sustaining, evaluating or managing diversity and inclusion initiatives and processes.

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